Kingsley Cricket Club Senior Registration Form
This form should be used for seniors only. Under 18's should use the junior form via the below link:
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Membership Please confirm the membership category you wish to register for. Note: playing members who do not pay their subscription in full on or before Tuesday 8th May 2018 will not be eligible for selection:

What is your first name? *

What is your surname? *

What is your home telephone number? *

What is your mobile number? *

The club uses e-mail through its website to communicate with members about selection for teams, meetings, social and fund raising events etc. Please confirm below if you are registered on the club’s website with the email address provided, and that you agree to it being used for these purposes.

What is your home address? *

Please include full address with postcode.
Please also provide an alternative emergency contact details which can be used.

Full name *

Telephone number *

Bar Paying the Membership Fee and signing below entitles you and your guests to use our members’ bar. Please tick the box to confirm that you have read, understood and will abide by the Bar Rules 2017 (displayed by the bar): *

Do you have any medical conditions that the club needs to be aware of should you have an accident during a game or whilst being at the club? *

If yes, please provide details below: {{field:}}

Payment Membership fees are required to be paid by the 9th May. If not paid by this date then you will be ineligible for selection. Please confirm below which method of payment you will be using. - via bank transfer (Acc. 41660874 sort code 09-06-66) - please use your Surname as a reference, or - by cheque (payable to Kingsley Cricket Club) and then passing to John Elliott - Cash, passing to John Elliott

Please provide your full name to act as signature for the registration process.

By signing here you are confirming that you: a) have read and agree to adhere to the KCC Cricketer's Charter as can be found in the link below. "INSERT LINK HERE" b) have read and agree to adhere to the KCC "Code of Conduct for Members and Guests" as can be found in the link below. c) As a player - agree to help with coaching evenings on Friday nights as part of a rota basis (Ordinarily once/twice a season). d) As a player - agree to sign up to the "match day" tasks list used during each game to ensure the club remains clean and tidy.
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