Kingsley Cricket Club Junior Registration Form
We have a thriving junior section that we are very proud of, currently running teams at u-9, u-11, u-13 and u-15 levels.

School Years 1 and 2 - Important Notice 
During the 2017 season for our younger children we will be running "AllStars" sessions which is an ECB led cricket initiative aimed at 5-7 year olds (further information can be found on the club website). This is being launched nationally on the 19th May and sessions will be held at our club. Registration for this programme is done via the ECB itself, so to register your child please follow the link below. Any questions regarding AllStars please contact us at

School Years 3 and above
For all other age groups, outdoor coaching is scheduled to start on May 6th and team managers will confirm ahead of the time. For school years 3 and upwards you can register your child for 2017 here by clicking on the link below.

Register now with KCC
The club has adopted the ECB’s Child Welfare Policy, a copy of which is kept by the Club Welfare Officer and on our club website. This application form is being used to ensure that all relevant areas of the policy are being addressed.  Information on the following can be found via the links below on our club website:

- Club coaches/manager contacts
- The Club Welfare Officers’ (CWO’s) details
- Junior code of conduct
- Kit requirements
- Parent/Guardian code of conduct
- Guidelines for club changing policy
- Club Photography/Video Guidelines

Junior Guidelines:

Our membership fees are as follows:

U-9's/School Year 3/4
- £30 per child per year. This includes all coaching/match fees and one indoor training session the following winter.

U11's, U13's, U15's / School Years 5-10 £60 per child per year. This includes coaching/match fees/indoor nets and match shirt (every other year)

U18's / School Years 11-13 - £50 per child per year. This includes a match shirt (every other year)

Membership payment details are provided later in the form.
What is your first name? *

What is your surname? *

What is your home telephone number? *

What is your mobile number? *

What is your child's first name? *

What is your child's surname? *

What is your child's date of birth? *

What is your child's home address? *

Please include full address with postcode.
What school does your child attend? *

Please also provide an alternative emergency contact details which can be used.

Full name *

Telephone number *

Relationship to child

This subscription also grants one adult social membership of Kingsley Cricket Club (normally £15 per person). This entitles an adult member and their guests to use the club’s members only bar. Please confirm if this person is to be  different to the main contact details given above?

(NB – use of the club’s bar is conditional on members complying with the Club’s Bar Rules, which can be obtained from the ‘Documents’ section of the club’s website and are also displayed in the bar lounge) *

If Yes please provide full name of required bar member below: {{answer_44335980}}

Does your child have any medical conditions that we need to be aware of? *

If yes, please provide details below: {{answer_43078190}}

Does your child have any special dietary requirements? *

If yes, please provide details below: {{answer_43078762}}

Does your child have any allergies? *

If yes, please provide details below: {{answer_43078801}}

Please pay membership fees promptly, and confirm below which method of payment you will be using.
 - via bank transfer (Acc. 41660874 sort code 09-06-66) - please state age group and InitialSurname , eg U13/JSmith) or 
 - by cheque (payable to Kingsley Cricket Club) and then either giving to the relevant team manager or by leaving in the post box in the pavilion lounge.

By completing and signing this form I agree to/acknowledge the following:   
- I agree to the child in my care, taking part in the activities of the club
- I confirm that my child will comply with the Junior Code of Conduct *
- I confirm that I will comply with the Code of Conduct for Parents/Spectators *
- I confirm that I have read and understand the club’s policy on photography and video camera usage in respect of my child and give permission for my child to be photographed / videoed under those strict guidelines *
- I understand that I will be kept informed of cricket activities at the club – for example timing and transport details for away matches when my child is involved
- I understand that in the event of any injury or illness, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me and to deal with that injury/illness appropriately
- I am aware that should my child play for a senior team he/she may have to share changing facilities *
- I confirm that when transporting players to and from matches and training, my car will have appropriate MOT., tax and insurance  
- I accept that when attending matches/practice nights my safety, and that of any children in my charge not participating, is my responsibility
- I confirm that my son/daughter/child in my care will comply with the relevant rules ·       - I understand that if my son/daughter/child in my care is picked for a senior team and they are under 13 then a club coach must also grant permission for their involvement in the game
- I accept that it is my responsibility to ensure my child arrives on time and is collected promptly at the end of training sessions and matches. If going to be late collecting then I understand I must contact the relevant Team Manager
      o    U9 – Chris Lydon 07557 435312
      o    U11 – Paul Betteridge 07814 207206
      o    U13 – Adrian Burden 07966 711940
      o    U15 – Andrew Ainsworth 07976 845231
- I understand it is my responsibility to inform you of any changes to these details, e.g. Phone numbers etc.  

* All Coaches details/Junior Code of Conduct/Kit Requirements/Child Welfare Officer info/Code of Conduct for parents and guardians/Club Guidelines on changing, camera and video usage can be found on the following club website pages.  

Legal authority to provide consent: I confirm that I have legal responsibility for the child listed on the registration form and that I am entitled to give this consent. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, all information provided on this form is accurate and that I will undertake to advise the club of any changes to this information.

Please provide Full Name to accept.
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